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By advertising as an independent escort you get 100% of your rates no more commission to pay!

We charge 50 for 1 month, 90 for 2 months or 120 for 3 months. For this you have your profile page displayed on an established, high-traffic website. Please note that this payment is non-refundable.

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If requested we can blur your picture on the public site.

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  1. You are 18 or over.
  2. Girls in the City reserve the right to use the photos and information supplied by successful applicants in any way they deem fit.
  3. The photos you supply must be of yourself and recent.
  4. We require clear face pictures that can be sent to our fee-paying VIP clients. You must clearly state if you require your face to be blurred on the public site.
  5. You have permission and/or the right for the photos to be used on our website.
  6. You will take full responsibility for any costs or damages occurring through breach of copyright.
  7. You take full responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information given on your profile.
  8. Illegal images will be reported and forwarded to the Police together with the IP address of the submitting computer.

Please wait for the confirmation page to appear before leaving, this may take a few minutes if you are sending large photos.
The maximum size of each photo should not exceed 1.5Mb

All information supplied by applicants is held in strict confidence. No information other than that displayed on profile pages will be divulged to clients without your permission.