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Welcome to the Girls in the City escort agency

View 's escort profile If you are the type of gentleman our girls enjoy and respect then most of this information will come naturally to you. However, if this is your first time with an escort there may be a few things you are unsure about. Hopefully all your concerns will be addressed here but you are always welcome to call us on 077 220 620 80 if there is anything else you would like to know. We are used to helping novices, so please don't feel embarrassed to ask either us or your escort any questions.

Before contacting us

Select your escort from the gallery page, read their personal profile and check out their pictures. It is also a good idea to have a second choice in case your first choice is not available.
If you are genuinely interested and want to make a booking then call us on 077 220 620 80 and our receptionist will guide you through the booking process. The rates for each escort are shown on their profile page, please don't haggle - our escorts do this work for a living and cannot afford to reduce their fees.

Before the meeting

View 's escort profilePlease prepare yourself for your escort in the same way respectful way you would for any young lady. Have a shower, shave and clean your teeth - you will get more pleasure from your escort if she is not feeling put-off by your personal hygiene.
Although a small amount of alcohol is fine to steady nerves and relax you, please do not be drunk at the time of the booking. Breath smelling of drink is unpleasant, but more importantly a drunk man can be very frightening for a young girl.
If you're visiting your escort at her apartment try to arrive on time. If you arrive too early your escort may not be ready for you, if you arrive late your meeting may have to be cut short if the girl has another appointment to fulfil. It goes without saying that if the escort is coming to you, that you should be ready at the booked time. If for some reason your escort is unavoidably delayed we will contact you, likewise please contact us if you are delayed in any way. If you need to cancel the meeting please give as much notice as possible to stay in our good books!

At the meeting

View 's escort profile When you first meet your escort offer her a drink, have a chat and be courteous. Please don't grope her the minute she walks through the door, you may be paying for her time but a small amount of respect now will pay large dividends later. Try not to ask personal questions about her life, she has a private life too and will appreciate the same discretion that you expect and will receive. Stick to the old-faithfuls such as movies, tv, music or even crack a few jokes - you will soon find a common interest.
After you have both relaxed and got to know each other you may decide you would like something a little more intimate. Your escort will no doubt ask you what type of pleasures you enjoy, if you would like to try something she has not offered please ask. However, if the answer is no then that is final and please respect the girl's wishes. Remember that you are only paying for her time and company, anything else that happens now is a private arrangement between two consenting adults. We ask that you settle your payment with your escort on arrival to prevent any embarrassment later. If during the meeting you feel you would like to spend more time with your escort please ask, they will always agree if possible, but do remember that you will have to pay for any extra time.


We hope that none of the above has put you off, our prime aim is to give you the ultimate in pleasure with the finest girls but to fulfil this aim we need your cooperation. As with any professional person if you treat your escort well you are more likely to receive a better service, this is even more true with an escort as they are providing such a personal service.

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